Enterpise Strength
Intelligent Production

HanDe Axle is leading in large-scale intelligent production plant transformation and upgrading projects in the industry, and establishes a three-step strategy of "automation, digitalization and intelligence", which has been in the initial stage of digitalization at present.

The company has been awarded the "Shaanxi Province Intelligent Product Pilot Demonstration Enterprise" and the national intelligent production new mode application project.

IT construction

HanDe Axle further promotes the integrated development of information technology and manufacturing industry, continuously improves IT technology upgrading and integrated application of information system, transforms to centralization and sharing, and realizes the end-to-end closed-loop management of the whole process information system. The IT system coverage in research, production, supply, marketing, service and management has reached 70%.

By 2020, the company has scored 85.63 points in the evaluation of integration of industrialization and modernization, higher than 96.82% of enterprises in China and 97.95% of enterprises in the same industry, ranking in the forefront of the auto parts industry.

  • 97. 95%
    higher than the enterprises in the same industry
  • 96. 82%
    higher than the enterprises in China
  • 85. 63Score of
    evaluation score of integrated development of information technology and manufacturing industry