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HanDe 1,000,000th Axle Launching Ceremony In 2020
Release date : 12/03,2020

On November 30th, 2020, HanDe Axle Launching Ceremony of the Millionth Axle in 2020 was held with the subject of“CREATE THE BRILLIANCE TOGETHER, START THE HIGHER GOAL”. Over 500 people participated in the ceremony, which include government leaders, leaders from Weichai Power group and Shaanqi group, HanDe, media representatives, supplier representatives, etc.


President Mr. Wang Zhanchao introduced the relative information about HanDe, he said that the launching of the millionth axle assy. in 2020 signifies the success in surpassing the target of breaking 1 million output and 10 billion incomes this year. Upon the historical confluence of the two five-year plans, HanDe Axle has accomplished the first 5-year -plan goal ahead of target, which lays a foundation for the second 5-year -plan.  

Mr. Wang Zhanchao reviewed the important achievements in four aspects of market development, strategic layout, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain system establishment. During the 1st five-year plan, HanDe kept the high-quality development with the increasing of CAGR 37%, the sales volume increasing 3.8 times and main business income increasing 3.7 times. In 2020, HanDe overcome the challenge incurred by the pandemic and change the crisis to opportunity, the annual output is estimated to reach 1.1 million with the growth of 41%, hit a historical high.    

New chapter of the 2nd five-year plan will start very soon. HanDe Axle will earnestly implement the spirit of the speech by China national President Mr. Xi Jinping when he visited Shaanqi group in Apr. 2020,  HanDe will finally achieve the strategic goal of over 1.5million axle assy., scale operation of new energy business and becoming world-famous brand.

Chairman Mr. Yuan Hongming, on behalf of Shaanqi group,  congratulates to HanDe’s outstanding achievements. He said that through hard working and development in the 17 years, HanDe Axle has grown from an axle company with annual output less than 30,000 pieces to a leading commercial vehicle axle enterprise in Asia with annual output over 1 million, and created the “HanDe Case” for the automobile part enterprises with high-quality development.

In the warm atmosphere, the 1,000,000th axle assy. ceremony of HanDe Axle was launched.

Adhering to the concept of “UNWAVERING FOCUS ON THE MAIN BUSINESS”, HanDe will keep the hard-working style forever, to make greater contribution for “Made-in China” and become the world leading axle supplier.