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HanDe HCV Truck Axle-A Reliable Partner for Your Cargo
Release date : 07/19,2022

HanDe HCV Truck Axle-A Reliable Partner for Your Cargo

With leading technical platform and guide commercial vehicle axle development trend; full series commercial vehicle axles; annual production volume can be up to 1.5million pcs, etc., which axle supplier owns such high capacity and power? Of course China HanDe Axle.

HanDe Axle started the research of HCV axle from 1968 and accumulated rich experience over 50 years, undoubtedly, HanDe is No. 1 in the industry. HanDe HCV axle covers from 14T~120T, with high acceptance and good reputation in China and overseas market, with below features.

1.      High reliability, B10 life can be up t0 1,800,000kms, over 1,000,000 cycles for housing fatigue test;

2.      Low noise, pass ECE R51 standard test, 3~5dB lower than other market axles;

3.      Transmission efficiency as high as to 98%, which effectively helps to lower CO2 emission, meet Euro 6 emission request;

4.      Axle weight is more than 30kg lighter than market axles, which greatly reduce users cost.

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