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Our distinctive product makes you unique and successful
Release date : 09/09,2022

Our distinctive product makes you unique and successful.

HanDe HDZ390 Drive Axle, as a core product specially for terminal tractor, it has lots of features to help users to resolve the problems:

1. Large output torque with max speed ratio 16.22, which enhances the timeliness of transportation;

2. High gear life with reliable strength makes vehicle run at low speed for a long time, which decreases the failure rate of the gear teeth;;

3. Long differential life, by optimized differential lubricating oil circuit and planetary gear gasket with textured structure, which reduces failure rate of differential occurred by frequent turning; 

4, Good axle assembly protection effect which adapts to high salt spray environment, avoiding painting peeling off caused by the environment.

The 20,000 sets terminal tractor with HanDe HDZ390 Drive Axle are serving over 200 ports throughout 30 plus countries and regions.

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