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HanDed special gear has been created and applied to the axle
Release date : 12/13,2022

Undoubtedly, gears play a vital role in the axle. HanDe not only produces the gears independently, but researches gear oil, improving the efficiency, wear resistance, noise reduction, lubrication of the gears.


HD-R03/R04/R05 and other full series of special gear oil have been created and applied to the axle, after the research over several decades, according to the vehicle and axle demand.


HanDe special gear oil is made of imported additives and base oil, which has been verified by a large number of markets. It helps HanDe axle realize the first maintenance free and ultra-long oil change mileage-100,000km/300,000km/600,000km.


Why it is special, here are the answers:

1.Excellent low temperature fluidity: the use of ambient temperature ≥-30, universal for four seasons.

2.Good oxidation stability: longer oil change cycle.

3.Extreme pressure performance increased by 14%: gear protection upgraded, no worry about teeth broken.

4.Transmission efficiency improved by 0.4% : vehicle fuel consumption is much lower.


If you need high-quality gear oil, HanDe special gear oil will be a good choice.