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Our R&D continues to research and design to verify new products in line with customer needs
Release date : 01/12,2023

In order to meet the needs of customers in different countries and different markets, achieve and exceed customer expectations, and continue to achieve customers, our research and development system continues to research and design to verify the new products in line with customer needs, to help customers successfully win one project after another, so that our products keep to enrich, more and more distinctive, win more and more segment markets.


In 2022, we completed the design and verification of Category A/B projects, increased by 67.8% year on year. Some projects have been ready for sale. We have established a product development model of "production generation, reserve generation and research and development generation". New fields, new energy product system is taking shape, to provide customers with more efficient and reliable axle products in an all-round way.


We aim to your maximum satisfaction. We will invest more resources in new projects and products in 2023, continue to carry out in-depth technical communication with customers, and help customers achieve more successful projects.