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Aachieved 17% increase in the field of heavy trucks
Release date : 07/25,2023

Focus on the segmentation of the axle field and leverage the steady growth of sales. HanDe Axle firmly grasp the industry trend and market opportunities, insist on market segments, and adhere to going out and stand with the market and customers.


In the first half year, we achieved 17% increase in the field of heavy trucks, gained mass supply on serialized high-end engineering heavy truck products with sales increase of 17%.


While sales continue to grow, the overall market share of economic products in the field of cranes increased by 11% and the combined punch of "standard configuration + end users promotions" was played in the field of buses, and sales increased by 73% year-on-year. The market investment in the field of new energy increased largely, and sales of the new generation electric axle doubled.


We continue to improve customers visits and market research, keeps standing together with customers and users, provide customers with intimate service, solve problems and provide the best solutions for customers in time.