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HanDe Axle Shows in Jakarta, Indonesia
Release date : 01/23,2024

On January 23, 2024, Shandong Heavy Industry - Weichai Power Strategic Partner Conference was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. HanDe Axle showed a star product-HanDe 3.5T Two-speed Electric Axle.


As a rising star in the Asia-Pacific market, when the global economic growth rate is around 2%, Indonesia continues to drive economic growth by relying on domestic demand such as mining, construction and tourism, and has maintained a high-speed growth rate of more than 4% in recent years. By cooperating with our customers and partners, HanDe’s axles are serving Jakarta and other cities, Indonesia at the construction sites and mining areas day and night. We have been contributing to Indonesia's economic construction silently. It is honor to witness the rapid change and growth of Indonesia.


It is believed that in the near future, HanDe electric axle products will also drive in the streets of the country, providing more economical and environmentally services for the green travel and transportation of the city, adding more beautiful scenery to the city of Jakarta, and contributing to the global low-carbon and environmental protection construction.