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Who created the lowest power consumption of heavy duty truck in the world?
Release date : 05/09,2024

Who created the lowest power consumption of heavy duty truck in the world?

--The world's first new energy heavy truck equipped with Hande 800V dual motor drive axle --Lighter, stronger, more efficient

--Jointly developed by Hande Axle and Windrose Technology

--Leading the trend of integration of electric drive axle


The core value of the integrated technology of electric drive axle lies in its optimized space layout and efficient energy utilization. By the integrated design of the electric drive axle, the drive motor is directly combined with the axle, which greatly reduces the intermediate transmission link, makes the overall structure more compact, and effectively improves the space utilization rate.


At the same time, this integrated design also helps to reduce the loss in the energy transfer process and improve the endurance and energy efficiency ratio of new energy heavy trucks.

Hande Axle has done a lot of work in integrated design, and many of the innovations are the first of the axle industry.


The dual motor drive axle adopts the integrated multi-in-one design, and the motor, electronic control and controller are highly integrated. These measures greatly improve the lightweight rate of the axle, save more space for the chassis of the vehicle, and also contribute to the significant reduction of the weight of the new energy truck.