• commonly used leaf spring center distance:/
  • axle load:10t
  • axle ratio:42.052-30.278
车辆:GVW:GVW≤49T 轴荷:前桥5.5T-9.5T 中后桥10T-13T 优势: 高可靠性B10寿命可达180万公里,冷压装工艺,
Product advantage
  • 01
    Low noiseThe unique low noise bearing technology, 3~6dB(A) lower than domestic average level, creating a comfortable experience.
  • 02
    Low maintenanceThe wheel end life free maintenance, free of first maintenance, can reach 300,000 km /5 years of ultra-long oil change mileage;
  • 03
    High anti-towing torqueExcellent anti-towing technology of gear tooth surface, realized maximum energy recovery;
  • 04
    LightweightCompared with the conventional scheme, the weight is lighter by 22% and the system efficiency is improved by 8.5% above;
  • 05
    Release chassis spaceHighly integrated electric drive axle technology, fully release vehicle chassis space;
Application models
  • Truck
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