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HanDe Bus Axle, Shows At Central America
Release date : 11/27,2017

On Nov.15th-17th, 2017, International Commercial Vehicle EXPO hosted by Mexico was grandly held at Guadalajara Expo Center, which attracted over ten vehicle manufacturers and auto parts enterprises from Mexico and North American area to display their products. It is the most professional commercial vehicle exhibition with the largest scale in Central America area. HanDe Axle- being the leading axle supplier in China axle industry, the three new bus models with axles from HanDe for Mexican customer, show in the exhibition.  

This year, HanDe axle export sales created a new record high since the launch of export business. The expansion of the Americas market laid a good foundation for the volume breakthrough for next year.     

HanDe will continue the strategy of “Insisting the technology leading and internationalization”, constantly expand the overseas market and enhance the influence of HanDe brand in the international commercial vehicle field. Gradually stride forward to the objective “challenge the world No. 1, establish world leading company and create the global best axle”.