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HANDE Axle Successfully Enters USA Market
Release date : 09/24,2016

On April 8, 2014, Foton-Daimler held a ceremony of Oman GTL World Release in Indiana, USA. Oman GTL heavy truck assembled with HANDE axle officially started in global, which marks HANDE axle successfully enters USA market. The environment department and news media from USA and China together witness this historic moment. 

Oman GTL heavy truck has assembled with Cummins engine, Fast gearbox and HANDE lightweight single reduction axle. Low fuel consumption and operation cost, high safety and comfort and long service time are five top advantages for HANDE single reduction axle, which can meet the requirement in EU and North America mainstream market. Meanwhile, to adapt vehicle demand with big power, high safety and low fuel consumption, through technical improvements, HANDE develops axle with new ratio, which is the smallest ratio of single reduction axle for heavy truck in China market and also is tailored as one high performance axle to Oman GTL. After strict test and verify, HANDE axle successfully enters USA market. 

The successful match shows HANDE’s leading production, technical process and quality guarantee system, which lays a strong foundation for more outstanding achievement in globalization strategy for HANDE.