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Soaring Sales of HanDe Mining Truck Axle
Release date : 11/25,2021

Soaring Sales of HanDe Mining Truck Axle 

HanDe mining truck axle products keep a high level of sales volume this year. By the end of October, the cumulative production and sales broke 43,000 sets, with a yearly growth of 20%. The single month number is expected to exceed 8,400 in November, creating a record high.

Mining truck axle field is one of HanDe strategic plates, the market share is as high as 90%. Facing on the complex industry environment, HanDe overcame the factors such as the rise of raw materials, regional power limit and insufficient production capacity of the parts. By making and following up the assembly plan in advance, coordinating operations, effectively guaranteed the parts resources.

With a series of flow optimization, HanDe achieved maximum resource utilization, further released the potential capacity,  achieved the stability of the 320 daily output. With practical action, practicing the enterprise tenet "We aim to your maximum satisfaction" .

All links of cohesion, fully show the work style " Responsible for the work and work in place " , making an important contributions to the high-quality development of the company.