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HanDe E-axle monthly sales volume exceeds 1,500 pieces
Release date : 11/26,2021

As the leading new energy axle manufacturer in China, HanDe E-axle monthly sales volume exceeds 1,500 pieces. Among this, 1,000 pieces for logistic vehicle and 500 for buses.

The Electric Axle of HanDe started from national program as the earliest enterprise to develop motor drive axle in China. 

Through the investigation on the market and operating conditions, HanDe firstly developed 13T hub electric drive axle for 10-12m low floor bus. 

By the comprehensive analysis on the logistics vehicle and bus market, HanDe set the development route of 

 motor drive axle with a full range.

At the early stage of market development, customers were concerned about the performance and reliability of the electric  axle. However, as the industry leader, HanDe invested large strategic resources for research and development and vehicle road test. 

The company established a joint development mechanism with the OEMs, and the products passed the vehicle test in sequence. At the same time, by deep analysis on market segments, focusing on core customers, the organization of product promotion and seminars, the products have gradually been recognized by customers, currently in 4.5T-8T light duty trucks, 6-8m buses, 5m microcycle vehicles, 18T sanitation vehicles and other markets to achieve a business breakthrough, the monthly sales volume of electric axle has exceeded 1500pieces.

Under the incentive of the policies in different countries and ereas, new energy commercial vehicles will develop further rapidly. With strong research and development strength, HanDe will continue to lead the technological innovation of electric axle products and contribute to the zero emissions goal.