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HanDe Two-speed Electric Axle becomes popular model
Release date : 12/12,2023

A lot of inquiries were received recently to know about HanDe electric axle, a new electric axle model--Two-speed Electric Driving Axle have been asked for more introduction. Today we would like to recommend this model here. It is specially designed for 4x2 sanitation truck, 4x2 cargo and 49t tractor of short distance transportation.


The axle load of the new axle model is 11.5t. Just as its name implies, it is called Two-speed Electric Driving Axle, because it has two speeds inside. It adapts to the intracity road condition. The transmission efficiency is enhanced by 5% above compared with conventional direct drive scheme. High integration makes vehicle chassis layout space larger. The weight of dual axle is decreased by 600kg plus than conventional direct drive scheme. The differential does not need maintain after running-in period, moreover, the different high quality gear oil used for the axle can make oil change interval reach 120,000 or 300,000km, which is optional. The wheel end is maintenance free in all its life.


If any more information required, please free to contact us any time. Looking forward to your inquiry.