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HanDe 6.8T Electric Axle is specially designed for 8m bus
Release date : 12/14,2023

Some inquiries were received about electric axle for 8m bus in recent days. Today, we recommend HanDe 6.8T Electric Axle, which is a new important member of HanDe electric axle products family. It has the features as below:

1.Low noise. It adopts the new technology of macro parameters optimization and micro

gear surface modification. The noise level is lowered 3-dB(A)than other similar products in the market.

2.Long endurance. A new lubricating oil channel was designed and used. The transmission

system lubricating rate is much higher. Based on CHTC-LT working condition, optimize the matching between motor and reducer ratio. The endurance is increased 2% plus than the competing products.

3.Long / free maintenance. The differential does not need initial maintenance. Oil change interval can be optional, 120,000/300,000 with different gear oil. The wheel end with bearing unit is maintenance-free in its lifecycle. 

If any more information required, please free to contact us any time. Looking forward to your inquiry.